JW HRM & GPX Tool 1.06


Merge Polar HRM- and GPX- files of a sport exercise to a GPX, TCX or CSV file for import to analysis- and map- software.

Many sports tracking applications and web portals require exercise information within one data file. However, often heart rate monitor data and GPS data are recorded with different devices or at least separate data files.

JW HRM & GPX Tool merges information of HRM (Polar Heart Rate Monitor format) and GPX (GPS Exchange format) files of a sports exercise and exports data into several file formats (like GPX, TCX, CSV) for further usage with common sports applications and web portals.

The application is optimized to its special purposes and so offers more functionality and settigs than other common applications. It runs on multiple platforms like Windows, Mac or Linux given that Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed. No advertising is included and no internet access is used or even required.

Main Features:

- Import HRM and GPX file data: header information, lap times/waypoints, data records/trackpoints

- View data: header information, lap times/waypoints, data records/trackpoints, merged record data

- Export data: header information, lap times/waypoints and data records/trackpoints to CSV, GPX and TCX files. Beside merged data also unmerged data can be exported if e.g. only certain information shall be removed from a GPX file or it shall be just converted into a different file format.

- Several preferences for data im- and export (e.g. time zone settings, data field in-/exclusion settings) as well as time adjustments for synchronization and correction purposes

- Multiple merge modes are available. E.g. for inclusion of GPS information of a different excercise with same track, but no GPS recording available

- Console mode: execute conversions also out of the command line interface without using the GUI. Especially useful if a lot of files have to be processed at once. Processes whole directories and sub-directories automatically if desired.

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JW HRM & GPX Tool 1.06

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